Registered. Buying books on Monday, getting ID the same day. Riding the bus/bike to school Tuesday to see how long it takes me.

Financial aid came through.


And here's hoping that I no longer suck at life and will actually do well this time around. Even if I get all Bs, I'll be happy, though I desperately need to get As to start beefing up my GPA for the pharmacy college. Competitive GPA is 3.5 wtfffffffff.

Don't fucking waste it you piece of crap.
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Dear landlords,

I paid my fucking rent on July 28th, a solid four days before it was due. I walked to the office, sat in front of a girl who looked a couple years younger than me, wrote out a check for the full amount, and gave it to the girl, who opened a drawer on her desk and put it in there. I asked her how long it takes for rent checks to clear, and she said they're deposited right away, but because I use a different bank than the landlords do, mine probably wouldn't clear for a couple days. Okay. That's cool. I can live with that.

Today, August 6th, I find a notice clipped next to my door informing me that my rent is overdue and I owe it and $52.50 in late fees before Friday or we'll be evicted.

Sirs, you may take your late fees and shove them right up your smelly bums. I paid my rent already. If that girl didn't do the proper paperwork thereafter, it is her fault, not mine, and you should waive my late fees. And don't even try to tell me that the check bounced, because I just checked my bank account, and I still have enough to cover that check.

Hire some competent staff, stop lying to me, stop losing my rent payment, deposit the fucking rent payments in a timely manner (two days is fine, ten is not), and waive the fucking late fee. If you haul lawyers out against me, I'll laugh in their faces and show the judge my checkbook. Carbon copies are lovely things, aren't they? ♥

Kiss my ass, you sorry jerks.

No love,

PS. It would be nice if you handed out these notices in the morning. I only saw mine after I got home from errands, just after your office closed. You assholes.

PPS. You are NOT going to fuck my credit up and screw me out of school. You sorry bastards.
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love me


So I decided against the blackberry pearl after all, and got the lg chocolate instead. Now i just need a car charger, micro sd card, and some good ring tones and im all set. Yay. I guess I`ll just spend the night learning this phone and writing. Meh. (posted with my phone)
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Progress BITCHES

Got my 20 hours of CEs done yessssss.

Except I was supposed to have 1-2 hours of law CEs, done live, and I got fucked out of that. So I'm hoping and praying that I don't get audited. G NEVER GOT AUDITED AND HE APPARENTLY NEVER DID THE LIVE LAW CES SO I SHOULD BE OKAY RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?


So I need to apply to CNM, round up transcripts, take the accuplacer, round up financial aid, and hope I have a decent paycheck this coming Friday so I can pay my rent and party at my dad's house. Fucking Hell. I really hope my rent goes through. They have a bad tendency to sit on my rent check and not cash it for like ten-fifteen days after I pay it wtfffffffff.

also need to check the mail, drag Syd to the library to get the DWI video (may do Monday), get prescriptions refilled (also may do Monday), argue with insurance companies possibly, and after this coming Friday, renew my certification so I can continue working in the pharmacy. Supposedly, Walgreens pays for you to renew your certification if you do it from a store computer, but I want to be sure.

Also need to look at Presbyterian, the VA, and UNMH again. Mrrrrrgh. Why you do dis, hospitals ;-;.

Time to eat something and finish getting ready for work.

Also also: welcome to my LJ, new people! **waveflail**
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I'd better be getting some hardcore overtime pay for this.

So I had a dream last night that had to do with a con, and being in Japan, and trying to break into a house that was being remodeled by hiding in the garage, except the remodeling crew found me and chased me around the neighborhood with a hammer.


Also, I slept like crap. Kept waking up...

Also, Denise roped me into working in pharmacy for her today. So this makes.... nine days I'll be working with no day off. Rrrrrrgh. At least I supposedly get Monday off. Now to see if Mr. Williams can give me next Saturday and Sunday off as well. If so, then I'm gonna get totally wasted at my dad's house.

Off to get Syd medicine and go to work...
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Missed a mandatory pharmacy meeting today. I need to get into the habit of plugging every-single-important-thing into my phone. Steve's going to be pissed at me. Possibly even cut my pharmacy hours.

The city may soon be hiring for animal shelter workers. That's perfect for Syd, and it pays well after the probationary 6-month deal. So we'll be hoping for that.

I have a techno-crush on the Blackberry Pearl. I really want one ;-; I was fucking around with one at the Verizon store in Las Cruces with my mom and it was amazing. It was also one of the only phones I could figure out. Wtf technology you're starting to leave even me behind...

and my mom is adorable. "Is that the Blueberry?"

I think I'll look at hospitals anyway. I just realized that I may be able to work for the VA hospital too (does this mean I'm eligible for government benefits if I work there?!). Also, Mom said that Lovelace didn't really treat her well when she was working for them anyway, and Albertson's treats her better. But I reeeeeeally don't want to work retail anymore.

Meh. I'm probably just speculating and won't actually have the guts to do anything.

So right now the only things I'm really looking forward to are Syd getting on medication and a job and me possibly getting a new phone.

I reeeeeeally want to get back into RO or something. After Syd gets a computer. <3 RO.

Also, a grand wtf to people hitting on me at work (why do you keep joking about me giving you my phone number?!), and a huge thank you to Mr. Archuleta. I don't know how we manage to get out super-early every Saturday night, but I wish I could be so productive every night ;_; (it's probably because he only gives me ad and tells me to make the cooler not-ugly).

Off to watch Syd play Magna Carta and find something for breakfast.
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Akon 2008 Con Report

Or how we almost got arrested, almost got Syd's lip pierced, got into the Guiness Book of World Records, and almost died on the drive back.


worked Wednesday night, got off work, came home, and got hurried out the door right away. Got a fast dinner at Waffle House, got socks, and left. Drove all morning, arrived in Carrollton about 1:45. The whole way, my service engine light was on, which scared me for a while. Did some running around when we got there, got glowsticks and such, then went back to Syd's mom's house and crashed. Got our hair dyed Thursday night, Syd's mom did an AMAZING job.


Got up early to take Syd's mom to get her car, got ready for the con, my makeup was AWESOME. Got to the con early, met Eggie, sat in a epic line, got our badges, and started hanging out. Realized we forgot the digital camera at Syd's mom's house, so we bought an overpriced disposable camera. Also bought goggles, new hitai-ate for our cosplays, as I'd forgotten mine and Syd's goggles didn't arrive in the mail. Got a call from Brian saying that packages had arrived; apparently, the overnighted goggles were sent to the wrong place, and the ones we originally ordered finally arrived.

Went to some pub/grill deal with Eggie and her friends, which was rather cool. Some guy asked about our outfits and my makeup, and in hindsight we should've told him that I got the shit kicked out of me. Oh well. On our way back to the con, though, we were stopped by an officer, who told us to empty our pockets. Mind you, Syd was carrying the baton in a pocket and batons are apparently illegal in Texas, so I was all set to go to jail until the cop pulled a small wadded up bit of cash from a pocket and asked who dropped it. Turns out, the pockets in my scrub-ish pants suck and I'd almost lost five bucks. Went back to con with a few years shaved off my life.

Went to opening ceremonies, then went to the concerts. I liked Budo Grape, it was very cheery and uplifting and happy. Forgot to buy their CD, though. Versailles didn't impress me at the time. Way too much distortion, and we'd already been standing in a tight crowd for a long time, so we were ready to leave. Ended up leaving halfway through Versailles (which, in retrospect, we are kicking ourselves for, because had the sound crew been doing their jobs, Versailles would've blown me away. Hizaki is AMAZING with a guitar...). Returned to Eggie's friend's room in the Westin for a while, tried to rest my legs, but eventually we went back to Syd's mom's place. Had blisters all over my legs from the extremely-tight knee-high boots I wore under the pants (they were the only black shoes I had... Syd was wearing the others). I am never wearing those again. Not unless I drop 35 lbs and tone my legs. Holy crap.


Got up, got ready, went to the con. Wandered around a bit, went to the Naruto photoshoot (again at the Cancer Survivors Plaza...), got some pictures taken of me. Left that early to go to the Guiness book of World Records thing, sat in a pay phone bay with Eggie and some of her friends taking pictures of people as they inched into the Guiness registration room. Eventually the con staff closed registrations because we were completely breaking every fire code in that side of the building, and all video game cosplayers were ushered onto the terrace, where we got some good SquareEnix impromptu photoshoot pictures. Eventually, an overhead picture was taken of the terrace and the official count was made public: 697 video game cosplayers. The previous record was 80, in England. Wow.

Went to the cosplay contest, which I didn't think was all that great, and tried to meet up with friends for the piercing party, except... everyone had other stuff that they needed to do. So everyone left, except us, and we just kinda hung out. We sat in the rave for a while, but we'd forgotten glowsticks, so we didn't really do much. Also, I was afraid to buy a drink and share it with Syd, because con security was rather tight. After a while, though, we bought some Jones sodas and Syd wandered around balancing a bottle, which was kinda cool. So now Syd is Bottle Reno.


Dealer's room and artist's alley day! Looked at corsets in the dealer's room, wanted to look at kimono but I don't even wear the one I bought last year so I skipped on that. Bought scrolls to hang on the walls, but.... that was about all we really bought, that and a cute shirt. o_o;;. Went to the artist's alley and bought two prints to hang on the walls too, hung out at Cutemew's table for a while, and got lineart portraits done of us. Went to the Plaza of the Americas and went ice skating after our second attempt at the piercing party fell through, had fun with that even though I suck at skating, met up with some goth lolita girls and their friend and sat around in the convention hall talking until security kicked us out. Went back to Syd's mom's house to watch movies and clean up.


Made the drive to Las Cruces, got in kinda late, only to discover that Mom wasn't there. She called me later, saying she was in Carlsbad with her boyfriend. So, with nothing else to do, we got my bike and the mail and drove up to Albuquerque. By the time we arrived in town, I was about dead from driving too much and almost falling asleep at the wheel. Uuugh.

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This concludes my con report. I guess I'll wander off and do something else, possibly involving drinking.
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